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The BeSkilled Partnership

From shared expertise comes collective strength and excellence for all

Diseworth C of E Primary School is part of a group of 5 local primary schools that together form

The Beskilled Partnership.

The other school's in the trust are 
Belton C of E Primary School

Long Whatton C of E Primary School 

Oxley Community Primary School

St. Botolphs C of E Primary School Shepshed

St Hardulphs C of E Primary School Breedon on the hill

This group was formed in 2015 as a moral commitment made together by headteachers staff and Governors. 


Partnership intent:


For our children:

We aim to broaden the quality of learning experiences and cultural capital to develop character, respect, inclusivity and celebrate diversity so that we can support effective transition into the next phase of each child slearning journey.


For our staff:

We aim to enhance teaching and learning through, widening professional opportunities, developing best practise and expertise within a safe but challenging environment.


For our Headteachers:

We aim to provide quality assurance of strategic leadership through, challenging dialogue, sharing best practise and pooling resources whilst offering a mutually supportive culture of openness, honesty and transparency. 


For our Governors:

We aim to ensuring effective governance through broadening experiences across the Be Skilled Partnership, sharing skill sets and expertise whilst monitoring educational and financial performance in order to provide robust strategic challenge and support.




All pupils in each school have opportunities each year to take part in different activities with children in their year group from the other schools, both sporting and academic.

All staff regardless of their role in school have opportunities to meet together regularly each half term in year groups or phases to discuss aspects of learning and teaching thereby further developing their expertise. 

School's share resources and training thereby ensuring that all staff receive the highest quality professional development ensuring that our curriculum provision engages, challenges and prepares children to become the effective citizens of tomorrow.

Governors from each school meet together regularly to review and plan for the future sustainability of the trust schools, they work with the head teachers and staff to plan future events and activities and hold the senior leaders accountable for the work they do as a trust.