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At Diseworth C of E Primary School we use the ‘Cambridgeshire Primary Personal Development Programme’ Framework which is designed to build progressively, adding skills and knowledge as the pupils grow and mature and journey from Reception through to Year 6. These are taught as a discrete subject taught for one hour per week.


The framework covers four colour coded key strands in personal development;

  • Myself and My Relationships (Blue)
  • Healthy and Safer Lifestyles (Green)
  • Citizenship (Purple)
  • Economic Wellbeing (Red)

These strands cover all existing learning outcomes specified in the National Curriculum, selected areas for the Early Years Foundation Stage and incorporate a range of other important areas like personal safety education, relationships and health education and promoting British Values. It also incorporates the Relationships and Sex Education.

Other sessions timetabled weekly incorporate ‘Route to Resilience’ work on developing and strengthening character muscles.


PHSE forms an integral part of the ethos of the school as a whole. Pupils attend four assemblies per week led by all members of staff and are also provided with a range of everyday experiences which play an important part in promoting the social, moral, spiritual, cultural, economic, mental and physical development of our pupils.

PHSE is taught through a range of teaching and learning styles appropriate to the activity and emphasis is placed on active learning. Lessons can include discussion, practical work, drama, role-play, research, circle time, brainstorming, debating, receiving visitors and class work following a visiting speaker.

See below for our whole school PHSE Curriculum plan: