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Your child may be entitled to a free school meal regardless of their age or year group, if you are in receipt of certain benefits.

Please note, school recieves extra money for every child that is entitled to free school meals. so please make sure you check your eligability for this entitlement. 

If  your child is in EYFS or KS1  they will  recieve free school meals known as universal free school meals, this does not mean that school receives extra funding for them - it only hapens when you apply.  Please contact the office for information.

School lunches cost £2.35/day for KS2 childre - anyone in Year 3 , 4, 5, 6 ( unless they are entitled to free school meals)


Please book and pay for meals online 


Meals need to be booked and paid for in advance, so when using the online method for payment, you will need to book meals by Sunday evening for the following week.  

(You are unable to request a meal and pay for it online for the same day, however you can let the office or teaching staff know that a meal is required)



Our menu has been replaced with a 'no choice' menu.  This is because our children didn't like the menu on offer and many of them were going home hungry.  We asked our children what they do enjoy eating and this is what they came up with.  There is always a choice of pudding.  The menu is subject to change.