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Class 3

This half term we have been working particularly hard on our grammar skills. Here are some pictures of us hard at work. We have been particularly focusing on subordinate and relative clauses and frontal adverbials. 


We have been busy covering our science topic of ‘electricity’. We have been doing various experiments with circuits including finding out which materials are good conductors of electricity and which are insulators. We have some super scientists in our midst!

Science: Electricity.

Science: Electricity.  1
Science: Electricity.  2
In maths, the year 3's and 4's have been working on their column subtraction skills. We are gaining a better understanding that if there are not enough '1's' or '10's' you can 'go next door' and exchange. Here are some of the children hard at work. 
We are now in the Viking Period where we have researched the Invention of the first Long boat, known as a Viking long boat. The children used evidence from an archaeological dig to work out what the boat was like and how it managed to sail for miles and miles across the oceans. In D&T, the children constructed their very own 3D Viking Long boat. It had a lot of fiddly bits which took determination, patience and perseverance to get it done. Here are some pictures of their constructions...
The year 4's and 5's had a fantastic time visiting Belton School where they had an RE experience day. The children got to meet people from various different faiths, ask them questions and be immersed into their culture and customs. They had a great day!
In class 3 we have continued to work our way through time to investigate when and where important inventions which have changed the world actually happened and talk about the impact that they had. We have made it to the Roman times where we became Historians again and carefully looked at pictures sources to work out the types of things inventions which they invented. The children then made posters to show what they had found out.

In Literacy we have been following the adventures of a fiction character called Sherman. The story is set back in the late 1800's, around the time of first ideas and inventions of the first aeroplane. Sherman was a wacky inventor who was desperate to invent the first ever flying machine. Amazingly he managed it, but it wasn't easy. Class 3 used this great achievement to become newspaper reporters. They each wrote a fantastic newspaper article which described and followed Sherman's Journey. Here is a picture of our display of the fantastic literacy work that the class produced...

Picture 1

Welcome back to class 3!

Welcome back and I hope everyone had a fantastic  summer and is ready the school year ahead. Already the children have settled in well to Class 3. For some of us it is new surroundings (including myself) but we are already having lots of fun!


Class 3’s topic this term is ‘Inventors and Inventions that have changed the World. The children will be going right back to the beginning to the time period of The Stone Age and will chronologically work their way back to the present day, investigating and researching the many inventions that have made the world the way it is today. The children have already began to put together their own timelines and have investigated many fossilised artefacts from the Stone Age, which have turned out to be objects that we still use today. We have some super Historians in Class 3.